Questionable Advice

Questionable Advice – FAQ


Everything you need to know (and some things you didn’t)

What inspired me to do this?

Because I think personal stories are missing from my blog. Sure, I’ve sprinkled little anecdotes throughout my posts, but I’d love to dive in more deeply to the human side of things. As great as the science and questions are, sometimes it’s helpful to see them in action.

What will Questionable Advice look like?

Simple. You email me about something in your life. I reply with more questions than advice (it’s kind of my thing), and you walk away with life-changing insight that will completely transform your life.*

*I cannot guarantee that you will walk away with life-changing insight that will completely transform your life.

What should I email about?

Anything. Too broad? Okay… anything in your life. It could be something you’re struggling with. Maybe it’s an inner conflict or rumination trap that you seem to be “stuck on.” Perhaps it’s a question of what you should do. Or (I meant anything) simply pick an area or situation in your life and describe it to me.

Remember, we can only see through our own limited perspective. When we get some new questions thrown at us, we tend to make self-discoveries that we couldn’t have before.

Want more inspiration? Choose a question from my Questions Series, list of self-discovery questions, or journal prompts from CreateWriteNow.

Where do your email and my response go?

I’ll reply to every email, but if yours is selected, it’ll get published (with my response) on the blog. It’ll remain anonymous unless you tell me otherwise.

Why should you do this?

It’s a simple act that will get you moving toward more self-awareness. Even the initial act of writing the email will help unlock some self-discoveries. Then, you’ll get some questions and ideas personalized to you and your situation. This might help get you “unstuck” and get out of your mind.

Also, if you’re curious about self-growth and like introspection, this is for you. I know I’ve spent hours researching broad questions about life on the internet, wishing they were specific to me. Now they can be.

What gives me the expertise to do this?

Credentials-wise? Absolutely nothing. (Don’t worry, my fiancé has assured me of this repeatedly when I try to “psychoanalyze him” – his words, not mine!)

Experience-wise? A lifetime of being fascinating with human nature, listening to other people’s stories, and firing away questions at every turn I get.

That’s why it’s Questionable Advice. My advice, if I give any, will be questionable at best. But the questions… now that’s where I’ve got a lot to offer.

I’m still not convinced about this…

Me neither. But ideas are forced to live as ideas until a few brave souls decide to be vulnerable and turn them into reality. Thanks for considering. This blog and community is alive because of YOU – and I’d love to highlight you more.


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