Teach self-awareness to students

How to Teach Self-Awareness to Students and Why It’s Important

Learn how to teach self-awareness to students and why it’s so important.  The list of things a teacher must teach their students is long. And it probably feels like it just keeps growing at an impossibly fast pace. However, one thing should be added to every teacher’s list because it will help both them and

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self-awareness skills

6 Self-Awareness Skills You Need to Find Success

What are self-awareness skills? How to improve your self-awareness skills (and why self-awareness is important) I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent listening to people teach me different skills. From elementary school, to college, to internships, to multiple jobs, my life hasn’t been short of “skills training”–and I know I’m not alone in

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vulnerability hangover

A Vulnerability Hangover and 6 Steps to Overcome It

Are you experiencing a Vulnerability Hangover? 6 Steps to Deal with a Vulnerability Hangover You finally mustered up the courage to take that emotional risk. Maybe you revealed something about yourself, or you asked for something that made you feel vulnerable. Whatever the case may be, the underlying conflict is the same: you showed your

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what is self-understanding

What is Self-Understanding: How to Improve Your Self-Concept

What is self-understanding and why is self-understanding important? If you Googled anything along the lines of “What do you mean by self-understanding and self-concept?” you probably experienced what I did. A bunch of psychological babble and scientific explanations with enough “self” definitions to add up to a seeming self-frenzy. (Seriously, myself, yourself, and herself are

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make space for emotions

Make Space for Emotions: The Remarkable Story of Aisla Keppie

Learn why you’re probably not able to make space for emotions, and why you need to. When people told Ailsa Keppie that she should write a memoir, they weren’t wrong. She’s explored more life adventures than most of us will even see in movies. The woman has gone to schools for music, theater, dance, and

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creative emergence

What is Creative Emergence? A Conversation with Michelle James

Learn about creative emergence and how it can change the way you work and live. Michelle James didn’t start her career with the plan to build a ground-breaking creative consulting organization. Instead, after graduating college with an English and communications major, Michelle took a job at a radio station. She wrote copy for clients and

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