Why Self-Love is Important for Growth

Why Self-Love is Important for Growth: How Mindset Medicine Can Help

Why Self-Love is Important for Growth: Mindset Medicine When I think of growth, I often imagine pushing myself beyond my current limits. And when I imagine pushing myself, my mind adopts a less-than-kind internal voice yelling at me to keep going.  “You’re thinking about stopping? Come on, you’re better than this!” this inner critical voice

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vulnerability hangover

A Vulnerability Hangover and 6 Steps to Overcome It

Are you experiencing a Vulnerability Hangover? 6 Steps to Deal with a Vulnerability Hangover You finally mustered up the courage to take that emotional risk. Maybe you revealed something about yourself, or you asked for something that made you feel vulnerable. Whatever the case may be, the underlying conflict is the same: you showed your

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make space for emotions

Make Space for Emotions: The Remarkable Story of Aisla Keppie

Learn why you’re probably not able to make space for emotions, and why you need to. When people told Ailsa Keppie that she should write a memoir, they weren’t wrong. She’s explored more life adventures than most of us will even see in movies. The woman has gone to schools for music, theater, dance, and

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make time for authenticity

Make Time for Authenticity: An Interview with Author Lynda Schmidt

Learn how to make time for authenticity in your life – and why it will change your life for the better. Lynda Schmidt spent twenty-six years in a relationship that didn’t allow her to be herself. During those busy years, she focused on her family and career as a teacher, limiting time for self-awareness. Consumed

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inverse charisma

What is Inverse Charisma: A Powerful Quality You Need to Know

Learn what inverse charisma is and how the term can redefine how you look at life. I didn’t intend to tell my friend Lauren about my plan to sell custom board games. The idea still lacked clarity. Plus, it felt like a contradiction to the typical work she saw me do. I teach high schoolers

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vulnerability quotes brene brown dark

27 Inspiring Quotes on Vulnerability To Give You Courage

27 Inspiring Quotes on Vulnerability to Give You Courage Our culture has slowly started to embrace vulnerability as a strength. But that doesn’t mean being vulnerable is easy. We’ve still got to fight against cultural myths, innate fears, and – oh yeah – the fun wave of emotional backlash we experience after we’re vulnerable. (Also

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