Questionable Advice

Any advice on how to stay motivated?​

Questionable Advice: I have been thinking a lot about starting my own blog, book, podcast, or something. Any advice or takeaways from your personal journey and how to stay motivated to put so many hours in?

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Why Self-Love is Important for Growth

Why Self-Love is Important for Growth: How Mindset Medicine Can Help

Why Self-Love is Important for Growth: Mindset Medicine When I think of growth, I often imagine pushing myself beyond my current limits. And when I imagine pushing myself, my mind adopts a less-than-kind internal voice yelling at me to keep going.  “You’re thinking about stopping? Come on, you’re better than this!” this inner critical voice

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Teach self-awareness to students

How to Teach Self-Awareness to Students and Why It’s Important

Learn how to teach self-awareness to students and why it’s so important.  The list of things a teacher must teach their students is long. And it probably feels like it just keeps growing at an impossibly fast pace. However, one thing should be added to every teacher’s list because it will help both them and

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self-awareness skills

6 Self-Awareness Skills You Need to Find Success

What are self-awareness skills? How to improve your self-awareness skills (and why self-awareness is important) I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent listening to people teach me different skills. From elementary school, to college, to internships, to multiple jobs, my life hasn’t been short of “skills training”–and I know I’m not alone in

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